it’s been a while…

so… i’ve kind of dropped the ball on this whole blogging thing. i was doing pretty good for a while (like 2 years ago) then i kind of just let it expire. oh well. time for something new and fresh. yes? so much has happened throughout this year of 2010. in january, i made my 8th trip to belize with some fellow members of first baptist brinkley. we had an incredible time of fellowship and actually got quite a bit of work done! i cannot express just how much this trip meant to me. of all the weeks i’ve had on this earth, that one ranks right up there with the best. in march, i took two guys from our UNITED youth group to colorado to ski for a week. talk about a road trip! we drove straight through from arkansas all the way to keystone. we met up with 3 of my friends from fayetteville and had a great time on the slopes. in may, i had the incredible opportunity to travel with two friends on a vision trip to gabarone, botswana. we stayed 8 days with the warner family (who used to serve here at first baptist brinkley) and it was such an awesome time of catching each other up on life and doing ministry together. on our flight from atlanta to johannesburg we actually got to meet president jimmy carter! how cool is that!?!? also, while there we got the chance to witness to several native people and attend a service at a local baptist church in gabs. june was falls creek. wow. “the creek” just keeps getting better each year. there is something about being on that mountain top that just makes the presence of the lord feel so much closer. our united group could not have been any better. we had a wonderful week of sharing and growing in our personal walks with christ. july brought a 10 day visit from my friend marek, who is from krakow, poland. we literally went non-stop the entire time he was here. the memphis zoo, magic springs, and two minor league baseball games were just a few of the things we did during his visit. it felt like we went on almost no sleep the whole time, but it was so worth it! throughout august, september, october, and now into november, it’s been a blur of wednesday night united meetings and high school football games. i have had the opportunity to work with the barton bears football team throughout this season and it has been a huge blessing! we enter week 1 of the playoffs this friday night with a trip to camden harmony grove to face the hornets! i promise to become a regular blogger now (pinky promise) and i look forward to all that is to come throughout the rest of 2010!


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